I can collaborate with Emwai but not sure of our come back – Paa Kwesi

The Ghanaian Music industry for some time now has suffered the fall and break up of a group, one would wonder what the cause may be.

Double was a music group in Ghana made of Paa Kwesi and Enwai. The sensational group enjoyed huge success in the music and entertainment industry, the group couldn’t stand for long but to collapse.

With both artiste parting ways, to pursue solo careers, Paa Kwesi of the Double fame was interviewed by Grandmaster Murphy Lee on the Mid Morning Groove show, on Bohye 93.5fm, a Kumasi based radio station hinted that there’s a possibility of him and his former colleague working on a featuring or a collaboration but not too sure of a group come back.

The Christie hitmaker went on to say the come back of the group hasn’t crossed his mind, because for now he his leaving and enjoying his solo career as a high life artist.

The artist also expressed sincere pain and rubbished news headline an article published by stating He is suffering in the music industry as a solo artist. I only answered a question asked by the host of FnN news which said

“What are some of the challenges am I facing as a solo artist”. He stated, and added, this is a normal question every artists answer, knowing how our music industry is with great passion.

As a matter of fact, I was on the platform to premiere my new music video, so am not suffering, Am very okay, poised to release songs this year and for Obrafour to call on me, on this project makes me more fulfilled as a high life artist. Paa Kwasi is working on his new project for 2018.