Video: I don’t speak up now because Ghanaians have found a voice – Lydia Forson

Controversial Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has stated that her recent laid back attitude on social issues is due to the fact that Ghanaians are bold to address issues now.

The actress who is known for having an opinion on issues have over the years landed her in trouble with many including her colleagues, politicians and the media.

However an elated Lydia Forson, who picked the ‘Best Actress in Comedy’ for her role in the movie ‘Side Chic Gang’, told JoyNews’ MzGee she has resolved to keep to herself this year.

“This year I am just concentrating on my work. The amazing thing about this year is I took a step back and I see so many women and even men fighting for rights equality. People have become more vocal. I cannot say I set the precedence but it is good to see that the things I have spoken passionately about people are now aware [and] they understand they have a voice they can use,” she said.

“Lydia Forson is not controversial anymore because we all get that now we have a voice that has power so you can speak up, it doesn’t matter what political party you belong to, your gender, your religion; speak out when it is important,” the actress added.

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