Yvonne Nelson’s baby daddy reacts to break up rumour; threatens to sue blogger

The father of actress Yvonne Nelson’s daughter, Jamie Roberts, has broken his silence on the issue of their breakup which has been making rounds on social media.

The sultry Ghanaian Actress and the British photographer sparked a break up rumour early this week when they unfollowed each other of photo sharing app, Instagram.

The two love birds who have dated for over 2 years also deleted photos they had of each other on their respective pages.

While this is pointing to a likely problem in their relationship, Jamie seems denying any such thing and is even issuing threats to which broke to the news of the breakup.

According to the website’s editor, Chris-Vincent Agyapong, he has receieved a mail from Jamie threatening to sue the site for defamation over the breakup story.

Chris Vincent Agyapong took to his Facebook page and wrote; 

Jamie Roberts, Yvonne Nelson’s baby daddy emailed me, as usual, he says he will sue GhanaCelebrities.Com and me for defamation over his breakup story with Yvonne Nelson or whatever he means.

So I just replied back:

Dear Jamie,

Thank you for your E-mail.

It’s unfortunate you are not happy about a publication on Yvonne Nelson that mentions you, due to your ‘relationship’ with the Ghanaian actress.

I have re-examined the publication and I can confidently state that it does not amount to defamation as it’s at best based on our opinion/interpretation of Yvonne and your social media activities and worst, from what industry sources close to Yvonne Nelson claim (say) has happened.

We did not at any point state anything as a fact or presented anything as such, and I can also confirm that we do not have any malicious intent towards Yvonne Nelson which rubs on you or your family.

You may disagree with our opinion or interpretation of what has happened but that does not amount to the tort of defamation. Alleging that a celebrity’s relationship has broken down based on the social media activities of her and her partner which reasonably points to a break down does not in any way amount to defamation.

Should you find our interpretation of the unusual and sudden social media unfollowing of you by Yvonne Nelson and same of her on your page as well as the sudden deletion of your photos from each other’s Instagram pages to be wrong, we would like to know what all that mean and run a publication stating that you have said this is the case and not what we think.

I reiterate that I am confident our post does not defame Yvonne Nelson, you or your family but should you think otherwise and prefer to bring a frivolous lawsuit against GhanaCelebrities.Com or me, you can proceed to the court.

Please contact me should you have any further concerns.

Thank You.


Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

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